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Benjamin Julien Jérome Van Puyenbroeck (https://ffm.bio/hardnstrangeofficial) was born on January 26, 2005 in the city of Liège in Belgium

From an early age, he will already be a great lover of music that will become his comfort

He learns the piano at the age of 6, where he will take lessons at home for half a year and which stops abruptly. He will be self-taught at the piano thereafter and begins his compositions

Benjamin discovers his passion for synths after two years of writing music, and already produces some songs on Music Maker in order to begin to discover the meaning of musical production on software which will be replaced by his definitive software called « Ableton »

In adolescence, The young boy sends to the streaming platfomes his first sound entitled « All My Love » which will follow with an album

He will be the founder of Hubilianover Record in 2020 which will be his label with which his old and current sounds are sent to music services

HARDNSTRANGE is passionate about electronic music, orchestral music and also Lo – Fi which will be separated under his names:

HARDNSTRANGE – Electronic Music (https://ffm.bio/hardnstrangeofficial )
Benjamin Van Puyenbrock – LoFi / Ambiance / Trap (https://ffm.bio/nqag8dm)
Hand Wet Feather – Lo – Fi / Orchestral (https://ffm.bio/1ve8np5)

Official Website – https://www.hardnstrange.be / https://www.hubilianover.be (Label Website)