Benjamin Julien Jerome Van Puyenbroeck, known as HARDNSTRANGE, was born on January 26, 2005, in Saint-Nicolas, from Liège. He started the deejaying when he was 6 years old (2011) and compose his songs 2 years later.

Son of Roland Van Puyenbroeck, his father, and his mother, Virginie Burton then his brother Matthias Van Puyenbroeck.

Student in Belgium, he works harder for expression (& communication), informatics (already starts earlier when he was 10) courses and gets specialized in Music Marketing. He has singing courses also in an ASBL (Lyre d’Orphée).

He came on his first stage, « RugbyDay », an event organized by his godmother’s husband and mixes. Since he’s resident here all years.

Ben is a multiple pop and electronic artist (inspired by Mosimann, Boris Way, Henri PFR, etc…) who plays piano, synthesizers, singing then he composes on Ableton.
Supported by some artists, labels, entrepreneurs & media with high potential, and he went to the popular charts.

Lately, in 2020, Hubilianover Record found its place in the music industry and publish electronic music (example of his track, « Into The Deep ». One year left, Hubilianover Music Group become the leader company containing the first label with another one, Cup’s Recording for Lo-Fi’s artists supported by 300+ partners.

HMG is the circle of all artists (the most popularly seen inside, the equivalent of a friend). For example, he has published his best album « Apologize (Complet) », a (80′) pop track. (On Digital Medias, CDs & Vinyls)

The teenager keeps in contact with Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Warner Music Group & much more. Benjamin is also a potential artist for movies, TV shows & produce for other artists.

He’s passionate and, by his high potential (HPI), develops this intelligence in music production & music shows. Artist preferred by clubs, festivals, and outdoor events.

À propos de l’auteur

Founder of Hubilianover Record & HARDNSTRANGE