Benjamin Van Puyenbroeck, born on January 26th, 2005, in Li├Ęge, Belgium, is the creative force behind the musical persona HARDNSTRANGE. His musical journey began at a tender age of 6 when he independently played a CD and immersed himself in the world of music. Initiated into the realm of music through piano lessons, he swiftly progressed to playing popular tunes. Soon, he ventured into composing and producing his own tracks using music software. His godmother introduced him to Mosimann, who became his idol and a significant source of inspiration for his artistic endeavors. At the age of 8, he adopted the pseudonym DJ VSF, which paved the way for his eventual evolution into HARDNSTRANGE. Embracing a diverse range of musical genres, he has produced numerous original songs and remixes, marking the beginning of his creative journey. In 2022, he founded the solo trader company HMG/Hubilianover Music Group, consolidating his presence in the music industry. Benjamin, also known as Ben, has crafted renowned albums like "Anthropology" and released hit singles such as "Bad B*tch - Extended Mix," which found its place in the esteemed Beatport Official Playlists on Spotify and Beatport. Notably, Ben has been creating music since 2011, establishing his own label and company. His track record includes significant achievements and milestones, making him a multifaceted showman and a prominent figure in the music scene. With a unique blend of pop and electronic elements, HARDNSTRANGE continues to captivate audiences worldwide, showcasing the talent and passion of Benjamin Van Puyenbroeck.