the january 26th, 2005, was born Benjamin Van Puyenbroeck, in Li├Ęge, Belgium. Benjamin discovers music baby, when he was 6 years old, he put a CD on his own in a player and listen. he starts piano where he learns to play hits music. then, he composes, his own tracks and transforms it on a music software. at the same time, his godmother learns him who will become his idol, , and who will inspires him. Since, he also become DJ. DJ VSF, a new pseudonym when he's 8 who will take place before to be . Between all genre of pop & electronic, he produces many songs and remixes. those ones will be published in first under his first label "Hubilianover Record". In 2022, "Hubilianover Music Group" become a Independent Company he made, and "Van Puyenbroeck." Benjamin has been for a long times out of the musical radar waited by public and he started again and again, fell in a depressed. is a album he made to talk more personally about himself and got success. Ben likes writing poems and stories he lived, and he left you their poems here...

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